2016 Fitness Goals-How to Succeed

Happy New Year Everyone!!!  I hope 2016 has started well and I hope it will go well for everyone.  As the new year begins, people tend to make resolutions.  Most people make fitness goals, or join a gym, or say they’re going to drink less or eat less or eat more greens.  Let’s turn those resolutions into attainable goals.  More specifically, let’s turn those healthy resolutions into attainable fitness goals!!New-Year-Resolutions

It seems many people will start the new year with a vague resolution and with no idea how to quantify or attain that resolution.  I’m here to help you make that vague resolution into a very attainable goal.  It’s a good idea to have short term AND long term goals.  It’s also good practice to figure out HOW you’re going to reach that goal and to figure out a reward system (we’ll get into more on this later).  I’ve also noticed most people complain about influx of newbies at the gym this time of year and I’d like to point out to everyone that once you were a newbie as well.  Instead of being annoyed at the misplaced weights or people doing the wrong exercise on the wrong equipment or putting clips on the Smith Machine bar or benching in the squat rack (I could go on and on), we should instead, support the newbies, maybe give some pointers if it’s really bad, and encourage them to also meet their fitness goals!

So where do we begin?  Let’s take a common New Year’s resolution: I want to lose weight.
How much weight?  In how much time do you wish to lose this weight?  Where are you now?  What is your reward for losing weight?  How often do you reward yourself?  Does losing a single pound meet this resolution?New-Year-Resolution-photo

As you can see, there are so many variables to this vague resolution.  So let’s change it to a quantifiable goal: I want to lose 20 pounds.
Good!  Now we have a limit.  What if you lose those 20 pounds before the year is up?  How are you going to lose those 20 pounds?  What are you going to do when you lose them?  How are you going to reward yourself once they’re lost?

Our fitness goal still isn’t quite specific enough.  Let’s try again.  I want to lose 20 pounds by exercising and eating healthy.
Fantastic!  Now we’re on the right track.  We know how we’re going to lose the weight, but we still don’t have any more details.  What exercises?  What constitutes eating healthy?  Are we going to take all 12 months to lose 20 pounds?  That’s an average of 1.7 pounds a month of weight lost per month.  Are we wanting to gain muscle and lose fat or just lose weight?

Let’s try our fitness goal again. I want to follow ___(paleo, whole30, IIFYM, Keto)__ healthy eating plan for 12 months with 1 cheat day a month, I will go to the gym 5 days a week for 1 hour minimum and perform weight lifting and HIIT cardio.  I will lose fat and gain muscle, but overall, I expect to lose 20 pounds of weight in the next 12 months.  I will reward myself with a $500 shopping spree when I reach my ultimate goal, at which point I will simply maintain my new weight and continue exercising and eating healthy.

If at first you don’t succeed, try try again.  That’s a good fitness goal for the new year.  It’s attainable, it’s specific, and it tells you HOW you’re going to attain your goal.  It’s quantifiable.shutterstock_91027577

My goal is super specific and I strongly encourage everyone to get as specific as possible.  Also, when you reward yourself, try not to make it a food reward.  When first beginning a healthier lifestyle, it’s tempting to say “if I workout for 1 month, I’m going to let myself eat a piece of cake” but then you’re still in the wrong frame of mind and your relationship with food has not been improved.
Here are my fitness goals for the year:
Lose ~20 pounds of fat before my Iceland/Netherlands trip in March by weightlifting Mon-Fri in the mornings before work, completing no less than 30 mins of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) cardio Mon-Fri, eating as close to Whole30 as my traveling and holiday schedule will allow, and being more active on the weekends in various activities.
-I plan to increase my weights in my deadlifts, squats, and bench press by no less than 10 pounds each month.
-I plan to lose a total of 50 pounds the entire year of 2016 with rewards set for smaller goals.
-When I’ve lost 20 pounds (I’ll officially be under 200 pounds body weight), I’m rewarding myself with Krav Maga classes for a month just to try something I’ve always wanted to try.
-When I’ve reached my goal weight of 150 (by May 2017), I will reward myself with a $1000 shopping spree.
-When I’ve reached 175 pounds, I’m buying muscle leggings and going on a $200 shopping spree.fitness-goals

Now all you have to do is start reaching your goals!  I’ve set my rewards for every 15-20 pounds lost.  If you need affirmation to keep motivated, don’t hesitate to set your rewards to every 5 or 10 pounds!  It’s totally up to you.  Fitness goals are to help you become a better version of yourself.

set goal, make plan, work, stick to it, reach goal - a success concept presented with colorful sticky notes
I really can’t say it any better than these sticky notes!

So when people ask me “what’s your new year’s resolution?”  I tell them I don’t make resolutions, I make goals.  And by golly, I will reach those goals!!!  Find your motivation.  I was motivated before, but now that I’m getting married in May 2017, now I’m REALLY motivated!!!  I want to be at my goal weight and on my way towards my goal body by my wedding.  I want to be able to lie on a beach and not be ashamed of my bikini body.  I want to look absolutely stunning in my wedding photos so I can look at them the rest of my life and be pleased with who stares back at me.  First up: Iceland.  By Iceland I want to be at the lightest I’ve been in 5 years.  I want to be under 200 pounds.  I will do this by setting small, attainable fitness goals and by reaching them.

Good luck to everyone and may 2016 be an amazing year!

Just because everyone needs a solid laugh.

I will continue my posts about different diet lifestyles starting this week, I still have Keto and IIFYM left to show y’all and I’m very excited to research Keto!  I’ve never done it but I’ve met several people who follow it.  Stay tuned my friends and may your day be great!

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