Whole30-Week One

Bring on the holiday season!!!

The weather is finally cooler.  My Pinterest board is filled with delicious looking treats.  We bought a chiminea for our backyard so we can cuddle by the fire on cool fall nights.  Days off work for the holidays are upcoming!  ‘Tis the season for merriment and joy and family.

‘Tis also the season to start packing on the holiday pounds from all of the delicious food.  I have been working out on a semi regular basis right after work before I go home.  The only problem is, with sunset being about 6pm at night, it’s always dark when I get home and showered, I’m STARVING by 7pm.  So I decided to make 2 major changes to my life: start working out at 6:30am before work and eating clean and following the Whole30 program.whole30

What in the world in Whole30, you ask?  Excellent question!  Whole30 is a 30 day program of eliminating foods known to cause digestive issues, food cravings, and other negative impacts on your body.  Whole30 promotes eating clean and healthy foods for 30 days to allow your body a chance to rid itself of any bad foods and allows you to curb your cravings for different things such as sugars, alcohols, etc.  Throughout this week, several people I’ve talked to have said “oh I wish I could do that, but it’s just too much work.”  Eating Whole30 compliant isn’t much different than eating normally.  If you eat out all of the time, yes, it’ll be way harder.  If you’re used to meal prepping and cooking every day, then it’s relatively easy and there are thousands of good recipes out there!!!

Eating Whole30 is quite close to eating Paleo but Whole30 doesn’t allow for any sweeteners or added sugars, no dairy, no grains or legumes, and no alcohol.  Again, it’s not as hard as it sounds!  I promise!!!

I have several friends who have completed Whole30 and continue to live the Whole30 lifestyle and eat clean.  The Whole30 website testimonials and the testimonials of my friends all report some of the same things: weight loss, freedom from food cravings, stronger nails, clearer skin, and most importantly: feeling better overall.

So I decided that Jacob and I were going to start adhering to the Whole30 program this month.  We keep saying we’re not going to eat out anymore or we’re going to cut down on this and that and we just haven’t done it yet.  I figured this would be an excellent way to make it happen with no excuses.  Jacob was very unhappy to hear no alcohol for 30 days, but I was able to convince him it’s worth it.

So Whole30-Week One is complete.  It was a hugely successful week!!!  We ate a lot of good food, we weren’t starving the whole week, and I know, I feel a ton better.  The following is what we consumed this week.  A lot of leftovers, a lot of basic, easy to cook foods, and a lot of foods that I was able to prep ahead of time so life was much easier throughout the week!

Whole30-Day One

Breakfast-egg, bacon, and vegetable “muffins”

Snack- homemade larabarslarabar

Lunch- ginger chicken and tuscan oven roasted potatoesGingerChickenONeLogo


Dinner-grilled salmon with avocado salsa and I tried to make sweet potato fries, but for some reason sweet potato fries and I just don’t get along.  I’ve tried everything under the sun…high heat short time, low heat long time, more olive oil, less olive oil.  Everything.  They never end up the way I want them.  We did still eat the ones I made, but they just weren’t stellar enough to share!salmon_feature1-1024x1024

Whole30-Day Two

Breakfast- egg, bacon, vegetable “muffins”

Snack- banana

Lunch- leftover ginger chicken and potatoes

Dinner-leftover salmon with an avocado

I have painting lessons every Tuesday, so since I get home so late, I don’t really do much as far as food on Tuesdays. Usually it’s just leftovers or before Whole30, it was just a protein shake.


Whole30-Day Three

Breakfast- egg, bacon, vegetable “muffins”

Snack- homemade larabar

Lunch- grilled chicken (we used the same seasoning from the above salmon recipe on the chicken), spaghetti squash, and the rest of the roast potatoes

Dinner- jalapeno chicken burgers with avocado, and another failed attempt at sweet potato fries…I’m 0/2 on them so far.

chicken burgersWhole30-Day Four

Breakfast- egg, bacon, and vegetable “muffins”

Snack- banana

Lunch- grilled chicken and spaghetti squash

Dinner- crispy carnitas with avocado (can you tell that we love avocados?) *this was our favorite recipe of the week*


Whole30-Day Five

Breakfast- egg, bacon, and vegetable “muffins”

Snack- grapes

Lunch- leftover carnitas with avocado

Dinner- this one was tricky because we had a family event Friday night so we had no idea what would be served.  Luckily, the fam ordered Zoe’s Kitchen, so we were able to eat salad and some chicken skewers.

Whole30-Day Six

Breakfast- chicken and apple sausages with scrambled eggs and vegetables

Lunch- we had a bar mitzvah to attend Saturday and they served bagels and lox so we didn’t have much in the way of lunch options.  Fortunately, we went to Blue Mesa Grill and ate some pork and shrimp and sweet potato chips.  It may not have been totally Whole30 compliant, but we tried to stay on track as best as possible.

Dinner- I was still full from lunch so I didn’t eat much for dinner besides a little fruit, but the mitzvah party had fruit and salad, so Jacob ate that and I ate a few bites off his plate.

Whole30-Day Seven

Breakfast-chicken and apple sausages with scrambled and vegetables

Lunch- leftover carnitas

Dinner- salad and grilled chicken (another family dinner, but we were able to bring our own salad and luckily they had grilled chicken).  I did make our own avocado cilantro lime salad dressing and it was a big hit at the dinner party!Avocado-Cilantro-Lime-Salad-Dressing-827x1024And here we are today.  A full week into Whole30.  I’ve heard several people say they had a headache starting around the third day and lasting a day or two due to the detoxing.  I only had a slight headache.  I’ve also read about people feeling tired and less energetic, but of everyone I know who’s done Whole30, not a single person has complained about this.  Everyone has claimed they’ve had more energy and feel so much better overall.  I know I feel more energetic.  My workouts aren’t suffering.  In fact, I’ve increased my weights on all of my compound lifts (squats, deadlifts, and bench press) and I’ve increased my weights on most of my smaller lifts.  It’s been a lot of fun making everything.  I try to make a lot so we not only have leftovers, but also so I can freeze stuff to have easy meals later in the week or another week.  I think the meals and the idea of Whole30 will be something we stick to even after the 30 days are over!  Everything has been delicious.

Whole30 says not to weigh yourself or track your food throughout the month.  This has been pretty tough for me since I’m an avid food tracker and I usually weigh myself every day.  I survived the first week, but I HAD to weigh myself this morning.  I just couldn’t resist.  I was expecting maybe a pound or two…nope…SIX POUNDS LOST so far!  I think between the healthy eating and the religious working out, I will finally start seeing results!

Anyways, I feel like I’ve been long winded enough this week!  Can’t wait to share week two with y’all!  Hopefully the success and the energy will continue.  And I hope I can inspire others to live clean and healthy!  It’s well worth it!

Cheers, y’all.grumpy cat

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