Whole30-Week Two

I feel like there should be a sign one gets to hold up that says “I survived two weeks on Whole30!!!” But then I think back on the last two weeks and how much delicious food I ate and how this Whole30 thing isn’t so hard!

In fact, for the first time in a long time, I feel like my health and fitness goals are finally attainable. I now have the gym habit (week 4 of weightlifting 5 days a week!) and I have the eating habits that are really the main recipe for success. Thanks to Whole30, I have my confidence back again. It’s been missing for many years.

About 10 pounds down from when I began this blog!
About 10 pounds down from when I began this blog! Thanks to Whole30 for making it possible.

It has been agreed upon in our household that even when Whole30 is over, we will continue to eat thee Whole30 foods. I am excited. This time next year, I am confident I will be a thinner, fitter, healthier version of who I am today.

So what in the world did we eat this week?

Whole30 approved nut and herb crusted chicken
Whole30 approved homemade larabars

Whole30-Day 1
Breakfast: egg, bacon and veggie muffins
Lunch: leftover crispy carnitas from last week
Snack: homemade larabars and pomegranate seeds
Dinner: crispy nut and herb fried chickenWhole30-Day 2
Breakfast: egg, bacon, and veggie muffins
Lunch: leftover nut and herb fried chicken
Snack: homemade larabars and a banana
Dinner: grilled chicken and spaghetti squash

Whole30-Day 3
Breakfast: egg, bacon, and veggie muffins
Lunch: grilled chicken and spaghetti squash
Snack: homemade larabars and a banana
Dinner: greek meatballs with avocado tzatziki sauce and for the sauce, I just left out the sour cream

Delicious meatballs!
the most amazing roasted potatoes you’ll ever consume.

Whole30- Day 4
Breakfast: egg, bacon, and veggie muffins
Lunch: grilled chicken and steam vegetables
Snack: larabar and pomegranate
Dinner: grilled chicken and Tuscan roasted potatoes

Whole30- Day 5
Breakfast: egg, bacon and veggie muffins
Lunch: grilled chicken and vegetables
Snack: homemade larabar
Dinner: so we were going to have leftover jalapeno chicken burgers and we put them in a ziplock to thaw, but when we went to grill the thawed burgers, water had gotten into the ziplock and ruined all of the burgers!!!!  So we ended up just having scrambled eggs for dinner because by this point it was 8pm on a Friday night and neither of us felt like being creative.

Whole30- Day 6
Breakfast: scrambled eggs with veggies and strips of bacon
Lunch: leftovers
Dinner: so we were out Christmas light shopping on the other side of town and Jacob was craving sushi something fierce.  I know, sushi isn’t allowed on Whole30 and I know we’re supposed to be diligent, good little followers, but we went ahead and had sushi.  There could be worse things, right?

Whole30- Day 7
Sunday is definitely leftover day.
Breakfast: over medium eggs, bacon strips, and sweet potato hash (I’m still in a war against sweet potatoes and I think I’m done cooking them for now.  I’m just going to stick to regular old potatoes for the time being)
Lunch: well, it was the Packer game and we went to a bar to watch it with Jacob’s cousin and his friend, so we ended up having bacon and jalapenos for an appetizer and then some chicken and fries for our main meal.  We were pretty bad.  But it served as dinner too because “lunch” was at around 3:30pm on Sunday and neither of us was hungry when we got home.

So here we are, we’ve survived another week on Whole30.  This week’s food was a little more boring and toned down from last week, but still equally as good.  I think we were just busy this week.  There’s a lot going on right now and with last weekend being so crammed full of events, we really didn’t have time to meal prep and get creative.  This week is looking much better already and Thanksgiving is in 2 days so I’ll make sure to take lots of pictures of my Thanksgiving fare!!!!

What can you look forward to after this holiday weekend?  Whole30-Week Three post and I’m writing a post about women and weightlifting!  I’m pretty excited to share my experiences and what I’ve learned.

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