Whole30- What Does it Mean?

What a week it has been!  With Christmas almost here, Chanukah here already, family events, work events, temporary events that need inspecting, it has been an insane week.  I have not had a moment to breathe, let alone write a post!  I’m going to sneak in a quick post about Whole30.  Seeing as I already have two blog posts about week’s one and two of Whole30, I’m going to keep this pretty brief and just a preliminary.whole30First, let me update you.  Jacob and I have finished our 30 days on Whole30.  We did well!  We’ve both lost more than 10 pounds during the 4 weeks and once our time was done, we’ve agreed to continue eating this way and living the lifestyle.  I’m incorporating some paleo recipes into our lives especially with the holidays coming up, but I’d say we’re following Whole30 about 80% of the time, Paleo maybe 10%, and not worrying about food the remaining 10% of the time.  We’re on week 6 now of our new lifestyle and Jacob is officially down 16 pounds and I’m down 12 pounds (don’t you hate how guys lose weight SO MUCH FASTER?!?!?!  It’s just not fair!  Especially since he hasn’t once gone to the gym and I go every day…my excuse is that I’m gaining muscle, that’s it, right?  Right!).  We both feel so good and amazing on our Whole30 journey.Weight-Loss-Starts-in-the-Kitchen

Whole30 centers around the premise of cutting out foods that could be negatively affecting your body, mind, and mood.  You don’t really know how food affects you until you cut it out.  These foods include sugar, grains, dairy, and legumes.  You cut these out for 30 days.  Just 30 days.  One month of your life.  That’s worth it, right?  This allows your body to basically reset.  It allows you to curb addictions, allows your skin to change, and your body to begin processing clean, whole foods.  After these 30 days, you’re supposed to start slowly adding foods back in…a cookie here and there, or a piece of cheese.  The hope is that after those 30 days, you won’t crave McDonald’s or that Kung Pao chicken from the place down the street anymore, that your body will start craving healthy, whole, clean foods.

The eating Whole30 compliant was easy for us.  I just had to meal prep every Sunday and make a quick thing here and there throughout the week and that was it.  We ate a lot of the same types of foods, or I’d make a whole bunch, freeze it, and have the same thing the next week for dinners or lunches. whole30foodlistThe hardest part for me, personally, was that it says in the rules not to measure or weigh yourself for the whole month!  I was weighing every day.  I was measuring once a month.  I decided to cut back.  I was even going to try to go the whole month without weighing, really I was!  However, I’ve also been going to the gym every single morning before work and weightlifting and I felt like I was getting skinnier.  It was killing me not knowing for sure if the scale has finally moved or not.  So I had to weigh.  I decided we’d do Weigh-In Wednesday and I even printed out a calendar, wrote every day that I was planning to work out, and then I made little spots for both Jacob and I to record our Wednesday weight.  I feel like that was a fair trade, right?  Well it helped me a lot.  I’m glad I’m not weighing every day and it’s very satisfying to see the scale drop every week!  Anyways, Whole30 is awesome and I cannot recommend it enough.  I’ve cooked Whole30 compliant food for all of our guests the last 6 weeks and every single person has been amazed at how delicious my food is.  (I promise to start posting real recipes!  Next weekend, I’ve got a whole weekend planned with nothing but painting and blogging).

If you’re looking for a diet plan to help lose weight, or just help improve your overall health, I can’t rave enough about Whole30.  Try it.  See how you like it.  Give it 30 days.  If you don’t feel any better, then you’re probably already eating well!

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